Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why we haven't posted for a while...

I mean, granted, we aren't the most diligent bloggers, but still.

10. We had to turn in the grades for the classes we are teaching.
9. We have lost several friends and family members to facebook. I mean, is anyone really reading this?
8. A bit of kitchen remodeling. Note that only the "before" picture is available:

7. Jonathan is finishing up kindergarten, and has had a flurry of activities.
6. Did I mention kitchen remodeling?
5. I'm trying to learn the art of sourdough. Why didn't I just get a real pet? (Well, besides the fact that you can't turn a goldfish into waffles?)
4. Sprinklers. (Ah, the days of innocence are over.)
3-1. Before we moved to this house, our gardening experience consisted of a community garden (a.k.a. "feed the gopher") in grad school, so we've been trying to get more of this

than this

Still working on it.