Thursday, June 19, 2008

More big sights

Jonathan and I contemplating art and life in front of a pioneer artist's cabin.

Playing "Pooh sticks"

Covered bridge in the pioneer village.

Big sights

After graduation we went with my parents to Yosemite. They are fit septagenarians! I would never challenge one of them to a footrace.

Can you tell that Jonathan loved all the photo ops?


Help from Dad, who just went through the hooding process himself last August.

The undergraduate "processional" (a.k.a. wacky walk) at Stanford.

Graduation according to Jonathan:

We got up early and went to Stanford graduation. Up at the stands I didn't really do much. One of the speakers was a girl (Oprah), and she talked about crazy stuff, like how they tried to change her name. Isn't that crazy?

We saw a dragon that came around the tent lots of times, an elephant, a Batman, and there were some guys who didn't have much clothes on and were carrying it on a a clothesline

Then we went to another graduation. It was a celebration for Daddy.

Then we did fun stuff, like walking around.