Sunday, June 7, 2009


Trying out fishing at the Utah Lake Festival.

It turns out that I want to be able to fish. It was something about reading The Omnivore's Dilemma that brought me to this point, oddly enough. It did not convince me that I need to hunt wild pigs in Berkeley though. I can live without eating pigs. Nor did it convince me that I need to hunt wild mushrooms. That sounds downright dangerous.

Now, our experience is minimal. Ryan had a fishing pole when he was about eight and the silly thing flew out of his hands on his first fishing attempt. And I know I helped my brother dig worms for his fishing expedition when I was about four.

So do we google "how to fish"?

It is nice that we can learn skills from google, from a book, or even from a paid instructor. But isn't there something to be said about learning something from someone who loves you enough to watch you cast a hundred times until you get it right? I think the knowledge and skills we often value most are those we have learned from a dedicated parent or teacher who stuck with us.

So watch out, kids. You are going to learn how to fish whether you like it or not...


All of the school's kindergarteners did the Jello dance at the dance festival on the last day of school. Of course, we thought Jonathan was the cutest "J" out there.